Chairman's Message

"Education is simply the soul of the society as it passes from one generation to another" - G. K. Chesterson

It gives me great pleasure and satisfaction in highlighting the salient features of our college. I feel tremendously pleased when I look back and see how due to the kind blessings of God Almighty, the college has grown in strength since its inception. The academic standards of the college are scaling new heights every year just because of the vision of the Principal, hard work and sincere efforts of the staff and above all due to the faith of our students in the college administration. Being aware of the upcoming challenges, we are striving hard to get our students prepared to face these challenges with a healthy competition in order to evolve themselves as successful entrepreneurs. We inspire each student for knowledge expansion and plan their career achievements.

Chev.Dr.N.R. Dhanapalan

Vice Chairman's Message

“The object of education is to prepare the young to educate themselves throughout their lives.” - Robert M. Hutchins

I am humbled to observe the institution's improvement throughout the years in every aspect. The college was founded with the intention of not only teaching but also ethically moulding young minds. Although it is inevitable to witness differences in students' approaches to education from periodically, the institution is always resolved to cater to the same principles that it had at its inception. It guarantees that every student receives a well-rounded education that will improve their quality of life. When students complete their studies, the institution commits to send responsible citizens.

Mrs. Violet Dhanapalan
Vice Chairman

Secretary's Message

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." - Nelson Mandela

We have an avowed mission to transform the enthusiastic, motivated and meritorious students and groom well in our college environment for the career of brilliant future. Since inception, Our College has followed a quality path and it has been significant in its journey towards excellence. The contributions of students in several co curricular and extra-curricular activities are of paramount importance. All the faculty members are dedicated to their efforts to the task of honing the skills of the students. Our philosophy is to build a strong foundation for the student community in their field of studies as part of being successful in their lives.

N.R.D.Prem Kumar

Joint Secretary's Message

In order to accomplish our vision and mission, we are prepared to take as much effort as possible for the betterment of academic scenario in India. We believe that education is an effective medium of social transformation. We get encouragement, looking at bright and successful careers of our millions of students, which subsequently benefit the society. We feel proud that we founded such an excellent institute, which is shaping modern India.

Dr.P.E.R.Prem Chand
Joint Secretary