The Department of Physics was established in the year 2017 and it was upgraded as Under Graduation (B.Sc.,Physics) department in the year 2019. The department has very unique and well equipped individual Laboratory for first year UG and allied physics students.The Department has dynamic faculty member involved in teaching and research activities. It imparts training for students to make them competent in the field.  The department is known for its commitment to the development of students into a well-rounded individual. Faculty members and students regularly participated and presented papers in National and International conferences, symposia, seminars and workshop. Several research papers have been published in the National and International Scientific Journals by our faculty.


PO 1: Periodical course modification to incorporate with current state of fields in Physics   learning and research with modern gadgets.

PO 2: Individual apparatus to enhance experimental skills with well-equipped special laboratories and workshop assistance are provided for the different programmes.

PO 3: Platform to inculcate and nurture creativity through eminent scholarly lectures, sharing of resources at inter-departmental level and numerous activities of various clubs.

PO 4: For integral formation, assistance and guidance to individual student, faculty members are assigned as mentors for the entire course of stay.


PSO 1:To know the fundamental in Basic Physics and awareness on the impact of Physics and Nanoscience.

PSO 2:Application of laser technology, crystallography, astrophysics and Biophysics can be studied.

PSO 3:Observational, measuring and computational techniques.

PSO 3:Acquired experimental skills.

PSO 4:Problem analyzing and solving skill; understanding and logical thinking, reasoning andTroubleshooting.

PSO 5:Hands on training in workshop and techniques.


Name of the Subject


I-Year : I-Semester:


Mechanics and Properties of Matter

  • The student’s gain knowledge on various topics with Elasticity, properties of matter, viscosity and surface tension and its application.



  • This mathematics paper provides necessary concept on numerical methods, Matrices, Theory of equations, trigonometry and Differential calculus.

Non Major Elective:

Everyday Physics

  • This paper helps the student to understand the concept and principles behind the home appliances, servicing of home appliances like iron box, mixer & grinder and emergency lamp.

I-Year : II-Semester:


Thermal Physics and Acoustics

  • This paper is to develop a working knowledge of Heat and Sound.

Non Major Elective:

Basic Physics

  • This paper would empower the student to acquire skills and practical knowledge, which help the student in their basic physics ideas about mechanics, heat, sound and optics, geophysics and medical physics and space science and communication.

Allied :


  • This mathematics paper provides necessary concept on numerical methods, Integral calculus, Laplace transforms, vector differentiation and vector integration


General Physics Practicals-I

  • The students will be familiarized with practical knowledge through various Physics experiments like young’s modulus and general experiments related to electricity.

II-Year : III-Semester:



  • This paper aims to provide necessary foundation in optics and photonics which prepare the students for an intensive study of advanced topics at a later stage.



  • This paper is to provide the knowledge about fundamentals of chemistry and elements present in chemical compounds.

II-Year : IV-Semester:


Atomic Physics

  • It describes the structure of the atom and sub atomic molecules, basic knowledge about X-ray spectroscopy and Discharge phenomenon through gas.

Allied :


  • This paper deals with the advanced electronic configuration of elements and also involve in nano chemistry, physical chemistry, organic chemistry and inorganic chemistry and pharmaceutical chemistry.

Environmental Studies

  • The paper creates concern among the students on energy conservation and environmental protection.


General Physics Practicals-I

  • The students will be familiarized Practical knowledge through various Physics experiments handled with electricity and general measurements through instrumentation.


Chemistry Practicals

  • This practical experiments involved hands on training in volumetric analysis and estimation of salt in biosamples.

III-Year : V-Semester:


Electricity and Electromagnetism

  • Electricity and Electrodynamics have the key role in the development of modern technological world. This paper discussed with the broad area of AC and DC circuits, Magnetic effect of electric current, chemical effects of electric current and electromagnetic induction and its applications.


Nuclear Physics and Particle Physics

  • This paper intended to explore the interior of nucleus and interaction between nucleons, nuclear reaction, elementary particles and radioactive elements.


Solid State Physics

  • This paper is expected to provide knowledge about
    solid state physics in particular Crystal structure, defects in solids, chemical bonds and crystallography, dielectric properties and magnetic properties.


Basic Electronics

  • We are living in a wonder world of Electronics. To know the physical principles and applications of Electronics is most necessary for a Physics student. This paper also deals with semiconductor, transistor amplifier, feedback amplifier and special semiconductor devices and applications.


Numerical Methods

  • This paper is intended to explore knowledge about Numerical methods in physics. In particular Simultaneous linear algebraic equations, interpolation, curve fitting and numerical integration.

III-Year : VI-Semester:


Relativity and Quantum Mechanics

  • This paper is intended to introduce principles of special theory of relativity, wave nature of matter, schrodinger equation and angular momentum in quantum mechanics and solutions of schrodinger equation.


Mathematical methods in Physics

  • This paper is intended to explore knowledge about mathematical methods in physics and also detailed analysis about matrices, special functions, elementary complex analysis and classical mechanics.


Integrated Electronics-Elective Paper

  • This paper is expected to provide knowledge of fundamentals of digital electronics, combinational/sequential logic circuits, OPAMP, DAC, ADC and various Linear Integrated Electronic circuits and its application,


Microprocessor Fundamentals-Elective Paper

  • This paper is expected to provide knowledge on Micro Processor and Interfacing Devices. This paper is expected to provide knowledge of architecture and applicationsof Microprocessors.


General Physics Practicals- III & IV

  • The students will be familiarized Practical knowledge through various Physics experiments like potentiometer, spectrometer, and balastic galvanometer experiments.


Electronics Practicals-V

  • Students will be familiarized various electronic Components. The student’s gain knowledge on various electronic circuits and its application.