Department of Economics

The Department of Economics, established in 2018, is one of the new departments of Annai violet arts & science College. It offers a 3-year integrated B.A. programme in Economics covering a total of 9 Main papers (Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Indian Economy, Advanced Economic Theory, Growth and Development Economics, Indian Financial Economics, Elementary Mathematics and Statistics for Economic Analysis, International Economics, and Export Management).

The objectives of the course -
Provides a solid background in advanced economics and upgrades the skill sets required in applied economic analysis.

  • Formulating hypotheses in social sciences and testing them.
  • Conduct research to evaluate significant questions in social sciences by reviewing academic literature, collecting data, and applying econometric methods.
  • To equip enough knowledge to start an enterprise. 
  • To develop self-confidence among student community. 
  • To cater to the present day need of the society.

Association Activities:

  • The department activities are carried out through the club SMITH .The Smith club organizes guest lecturers, seminars,  Workshops, intercollegiate competitions.
  • SMITH also organizes weekly activities such us poster presentation, model presentation, paper presentation and quiz for the students in order to excel in the academics. 

Program Outcomes (Pos):

PO1: To produce young economists, create Employability

PO2: Enables the students to go for Higher studies - M.A Eco, M.Phil, Econometrics, Applied Research, take up Civil Service Examinations like IAS & IPS

PO3: Graduates of the program can get job opportunities in the corporate sector, banking sector, insurance sector, teaching field, Statistical Investigators.

Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs)

PSO1: To develop the opportunities in analyzing the problems of society and finding a solution

PSO2: To make them good citizens and to discharge their social responsibility.

PSO3: To meet the challenges of the ever changing economic environment.