• Corporate Secretaryship course was introduced in our college in the year 2009. Since then the department has successfully been offering the course to cater the needs of the corporate sector. The department has adequate number of rooms to accommodate students.  Since its inception, the department has been producing good results. The objective of Corporate Secretaryship course is to make the students well versed in the recent trends in few areas of interest such as accounting principles, labour legislation and taxation. This will help the students to meet real challenges and to face interviews. 
  • The department offers corporate secretarial skills and provides knowledge and training that moulds students into high calibre, competent, versatile professionals and good corporate citizens.


PO 1 : This program would provide well trained professionals for the Industries, Banking Sectors, Insurance Companies, Financing companies, Transport Agencies, Warehousing etc., to meet the well trained manpower requirements.

PO 2 : The graduates will get hands on experience in various aspects acquiring skills for Marketing Manager, Selling Manager, Over all Administration abilities of the Company.

PO 3 : Excel in contemporary knowledge of business and developing inclination towards lifelong learning Program Outcomes


PSO1 : The course enables students to acquire knowledge about Accounting, Law papers and computer skills. They specialize in areas like Company Law , Secretarial Practice, General Laws, Industrial Law, Corporate Laws and Corporate Governance.

PSO 2 : The students would possess the knowledge, skills and attitudes during the end of the degree course.

PSO 3 : By virtue of the training they can become an Manager, Accountant , Management Accountant, cost Accountant, Bank Manager, Auditor, Company Secretary, Teacher, Professor, Stock Agents, Government jobs etc.,

PSO 4 : Analyze the administrative and Secretarial practices which constitutes effectiveness to the business.

PSO 5 : Determine the procedures and schedules to be followed on office administration.

PSO 6 : Understand the application of secretarial practices in both theoretical and practical aspects.


CO 1 : Possess wide spectrum of managerial skills along with competency building qualities in specific areas of business studies.

CO 2 : Exercising Professional skills, values, team spirit, and high leadership and to accept the challenges in the Industry and Academics.

CO 3 : Excel in contemporary knowledge of business and developing inclination towards lifelong learning Program Outcome.

CO 4  : To make students to understand the concepts of financial transactions and various Conventions & practice of Fundamentals of FINANCIAL:, COST, CORPORATE, MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTING

CO 5 : To Impart Knowledge and Legal framework and provisions of Income Tax Act.

CO 6 : To see that Corporate Secretaryship students are equipped with skills to fit in to the jobs in the Corporate world in various fields such as Accounting, Marketing, IT, ITES, etc.

CO 7 : To build students to pursue post graduation like M.COM, M.COM CS, M.COM Accounting and Finance and other related courses.