Counselling Cell




Our mission at the counseling cell at Annai Violet Arts & Science college is to promote the mental health of all our students, to improve their quality of life and create a screen learning environment that facilitates their individual development.

Pastor Rev. Paul  Dinakaran  has agreed to be our college counselor. He has interacted with our college students and guided them with remedial measures to overcome their problems. Our staff will help to identify the students problems and recommend for counseling. Our counseling includes individual counseling and group counseling.

Our counseling helps our students to know themselves better their interest, abilities, aptitudes and opportunities. We also service students to focus on and understand more clearly the issue that concern them. This help to tackle their personnel, family and peer problems as well as managing academics more responsibly.

All sessions are confidential and information   are not shared with any student. Students  take an appointment with a counseling cell in charge.