The Department has been imparting literature since 2010 through the Under Graduate stream, and was upgraded into a Post Graduate stream in the year 2017.  Faculties in the Department have specialization in different areas of the subject and work as resource persons to our students. The Department provides opportunities for concentrated study of the language and literature and also provides a zeal artistic knowledge to appreciate the language in its present form. The novices who are groomed by our department have gone great heights in all walks of life and the unbiased motivation with a noble vision has enshrined us a name.

Program Outcomes (POs)

PO1    Have Knowledge of the basic concepts, theories, and perspectives important to English studies, including rhetorical, interpretive, historical, cultural, social approaches to language and texts.

PO2    Understand the ways in which texts can reflect or shape the representation of historical and cultural circumstances.

PO3     Recognize rhetorical, generic traditions and innovations.

PO4    Apply critical and theoretical approaches to the reading and analysis of literary and cultural texts in multiple genres.

PO4    Students should be able to ethically gather, understand, evaluate and synthesize information from a variety of written and electronic sources.

Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs)

PSO1  Write analytically in a variety of formats, including essays, research papers, reflective writing and critical reviews of secondary sources.

PSO2  To be proficient in oral and written communication.

PSO3  To provide students the critical faculties necessary in an academic environment, on the job, and in an increasingly complex, interdependent world.

Course Outcomes (COs)

The graduate will

CO 1   Inculcate English language through the study of literature and other contemporary forms of culture.

CO 2   Read, perform, analyze and critically appreciate literary and cultural texts from different historical periods and genres.

CO 3   Identify, employ, and interpret the literary and rhetorical methods and strategies that inform English as a discipline in their reading and writing of texts.

CO 4   Have the ability to analyze the ways in which written texts both reflect and help to construct social categories such as race, class, gender, and sexuality.


The Department conducts bridge courses at the beginning of every academic year. Before commencement of the teaching programme, tests are conducted to identify student’s knowledge, language skills and capabilities. ELT Program was successfully launched from 2011 to help the Tamil medium students to improve the English communication skills and also to help the slow learners. This programme is outsourced; trainers from the corporate field highlight the need of English language in the corporate sector and also train them for the same. It also arranges special lectures stressing on the essentiality of effective communication through English in the changing global scenario. The Department has collaborative arrangement with Industry for training on Interview skills, aptitude and logical thinking, mock interviews, resume building, personality enrichment. English Language Laboratory Phonic with internet facilities is a valuable resource and helps us to enhance the language skills of our students and thus contribute to the college’s mission.


Literaria club acts as a medium to connect with the students in their pursuit for a global upliftment by conducting various events like paper presentation, poster presentation, model presentation and dramatics. Each year The Theatre club emerges with a theme and encourages the students to enact plays, thus enabling students to improve their speaking and Theatre skills. Students’ talents are recognized with certificates and prizes. Students are encouraged in story writing, scripting, and direction. 


The Department inculcates reading habits to students through the Readers Club which enables the students to increase their exposure to the native English language thereby giving them a first class opportunity to improve their standard of English listening, reading and speaking.


As an active member of Chennai Literary Association, the Department participate to conduct various events in Chenai Literary Festival each year. The Students from all over the city college participate to exhibit their talents as well as to excel in their academics by participating in seminars, workshops and conferences. Through these platform, the students are motivated well and are able to have a wide knowledge on the contemporary literary world.


The Department conducts regular programmes like Seminars, Workshops, Industrial Visits and Conferences, each academic year, to inculcate active learning among the students. The staff as well as students are given an opportunity to learn to different points of view and to learn new ideas and trends of the current field through these programmes.


Reporters' Club came into function during the academic year 2016 - 2017. The students are exposed to the art of creative writing, building vocabularies; picture editing etc. the aim of the reporter’s club is to give a strong base for the interested students to cherish the form of journalism. Students are selected for the post of Head Reporters, Reporters, Photo Journalist, Designer based on their performance. The club releases The Monthly Chronicles on the first week of each month.


The newsletter named “INSIGHT” is being released every semester which comprises general as well as articles relating to the subject.


The Department provides guidance to students in publication of the college magazine “Direction” annually.