Seed Capital to Visually Challenged Train Vendors - Silver Jubilee Mission Project  (21st February 2023)

On February 21st, 2023, the IQAC and the department of microbiology at Annai Violet Arts and Science College organized an event to provide seed capital of Rs. 1000 and lunch to 25 visually challenged train vendors. The initiative aims to promote economic opportunities and social inclusion, enabling visually impaired individuals to become self-sufficient.

Prominent Annai Violet Group of Institutions members, including the founder and Chairman, Chev. Dr. N. R. Dhanapalan, and other dignitaries,  Mr. N. R. D. Premkumar, Secretary, Dr. P. E. R. Premchand, Joint secretary, Mr. Sampath, Director of N.R.D Group of Companies, Mr. N. R. D. Birla David, Mr.  Praveen Kumar,  Ln. Ms. N. S. Rani, Ln. Mr. Dinesh, Ln. Mr. Gopinath, Dr. Esther Satyavathy, Principal, Annai Violet International School, Mrs. Lydia Devasagayam, Principal, Annai Violet Matriculation Hr. Sec. School, Dr. C. Initha Lebanon Ebency, College Principal, and Vice Principal Mrs. Japhia Solomon attended the event.  The visually challenged vendors were assisted by college students. Assisted by college students, 25 visually challenged train vendors were given Rs. 1000/- as seed capital, along with a lunch. This initiative can have a broader societal impact by promoting inclusivity and breaking down the stigma attached to disabilities.

During the closing session, the vendors expressed their gratitude and shared their thoughts, leaving the audience in awe. This event is an excellent example of how collective efforts can break down societal stigmas and promote inclusivity for individuals with disabilities.

Overall, this initiative by Annai Violet Arts and Science College highlights the importance of empowering visually challenged individuals, promoting social inclusion, and creating a more equitable society for all.