FDP on “Emerging Trends in Scientific Research”  (13th February 2023)

The IQAC and the Department of Biochemistry, Microbiology, and Chemistry organized a 7-day Faculty Development Program (FDP) on Emerging Trends in Scientific Research. 

The FDP covered a variety of topics, starting with recent trends in nanoparticles and their potential advantages. The second day focused on biomedical applications of nanoparticles, including targeted drug delivery, hyperthermia, photoablation therapy, bioimaging, and biosensors. The third day was devoted to nanoparticle impacts in innovative electrochemistry, with a focus on the preparation of Cerium Oxide/CNT/Mercury Oxide/CNT, cerium oxide/GO, and Mercury oxide/GO Nanocomposite by chemical method. The fourth day introduced participants to computational chemistry, including methods for storing and searching for data on chemical entities and for finding the most efficient synthesis of compounds. The fifth day provided principles of histopathology and the process of examining tissues microscopically to diagnose and study diseases. The sixth day covered the art of writing a proposal for funding and discussed various aspects of receiving a research grant from national and international funding agencies. 

The last and seventh day focused on publishing papers in UGC-referred journals, including tips for searching for UGC-approved journals and publishing research papers. The FDP concluded with a valedictory which was convened by Ms. M. Meena, Assistant Professor of Microbiology. She summarised the proceedings of the FDP and gave vote of thanks to all the resource people, participants and members of the organizing team.