Orientation Program  (20th September 2022)

Orientation Program - Banking, TNPSC & SSC Exams 20/09/2022

IQAC & Violet Academy For Competitive Exams organized an Orientation Program on Banking, TNPSC & SSC Exams. The Objective of this event was to enable the students to figure out and analyze their strengths and weaknesses in Banking, TNPSC & SSC Exams. Mr. Suriya Prakash and Mr. Arulkumaran from Veranda RACE Learning Solutions Ltd., were the guest speakers for the session. Mr. Suriya Prakash emphasized TNPSC Competitive exams. Mr. Arul Kumaran spoke on SSC, Banking, and RRB exam. The guest speakers gave tips and motivated the students to attain competitive exams. Over 150 students attended the program from all the departments. Students gained information related to job opportunities available in various government sectors.