Womens Health and Life style management  (11th February 2022)
Women's health and Life style management-Live webinar  (11th February 2022) 

A live webinar was conducted on 11th February 2022 on account of “International Day of Women and Girls in Science”on behalf of IQAC and Women's Cell of Annai Violet Arts and Science College on the topic "Women's Health and Lifestyle Management".

Name of the Coordinator: Mrs. K. Meena, Assistant Professor, Department of Biochemistry.

No. of. Participant / Viewers: 809 views

Name of the expert with designation :Dr. Aruna Ashok, Fertility Consultant, Clinical Director of A4 Fertility Centre and Hospital, Chennai.

Objective of the event: To raise awareness about women's health, with a emphasis on cleanliness and lifestyle.

Description of the event: The programme commenced with an insightful discussion on menstrual hygiene management difficulties and teenage female well-being. It is an essential part of women's and adolescent girls' lives between menarche and menopause. She went on to explain that girls and women know very little or nothing about reproductive tract infections caused by poor personal hygiene during menstruation, as well as PCOD.

Outcome of  the event: The programme raised student knowledge about the dangers of harmful menstruation products and how to live a healthy and hygiene-conscious life.

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