How to use incinerator?  (1st February 2022)

An awareness program for girls on menstrual hygiene and health was conducted on 1st February 2022 by women cell on the topic "How to use incinerator"?

Name of the coordinator : Mrs. K. Meena, Assistant Professor, Department of Biochemistry.

Class of the participants: Girls from I & II B.Sc. Biochemistry and Microbiology

Number of participants : 50

Name of the expert with designation : Mrs. K. Meena, Women cell coordinator

Objective of the event : To raise awareness among students about the proper disposal of used napkins in a hygienic manner while menstruating with dignity and without fear.

Description of the event : The women's cell, in collaboration with IQAC, conducted a menstrual hygiene and health awareness programme for girls. Mrs. K Meena, Women Cell coordinator, demonstrated how to use the incinerator to dispose of soiled sanitary napkins and discussed the safety implications of doing so in order to create a pollution-free environment. 

Outcome of  the event : Participants learned how to use the incinerator and the importance of menstruation hygiene in allowing women to attain their full potential.Feedback obtained from the Participants