Empowerment of Girl Child  (24th January 2022)

"Empowerment of Girl Child"- Live Webinar on National Girl Child Day (24th January 2022)

A live webinar was conducted on 24th January 2022, on behalf of IQAC, NSS and Women’s cell of Annai Violet Arts and Science College on the topic "Empowerment of Girl Child" an account of "National Girl Child Day"

Name of the coordinator  : Mrs. K. Meena, Assistant Professor and Women cell coordinator

                                              Dr. Sathy, Assistant Professor and NSS Co-ordinator

No. of. participant / Viewers: 170 participants / 861 views

Name of the expert with designation: Dr. S. Sudha, Head, Department of Tamil, and NSS programme officer, Jaya College of Arts and Science,                                                                                      Thiruninravur, Chennai

Objective of the event:   National Girl Child Day aims to raise awareness about the rights of the female child, to encourage self-confidence, to plan their future, and to raise awareness about the significance of girl education, as well as their health and nutrition.

Description of the event: National Girl Child Day was celebrated on January 24, 2022, with the theme "Empowerment of the Girl Child." Principal, Dr. C. Initha Lebanon Ebency, addressed the gathering. Mrs. K. Meena, Assistant Professor of Biochemistry and Women Cell Coordinator, introduced the guest speaker of the day, Dr. S. Sudha, Head, Department of Tamil, and NSS programme officer, Jaya College of Arts and Science. The speaker raised awareness about the rights of girls, discussed various atrocities and inequalities that girls face in their daily lives and the importance of female education. She further elaborated on the nutritional and emotional wellbeing of the children. In addition to this, she also highlighted the contributions of girls in various fields such as sports, literature, science, and education. The speaker concluded by emphasizing on the fact that every individual has to come forward to remove the inequalities faced by the girls in the society. The program concluded with a vote of thanks delivered by Ms. R. Subhashri, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science.

Outcome of  the event: The day was marked by scheduled activities such as staff selfies with their daughters and the construction of a healthy and safe atmosphere for girls.