“We are Taking Off” - Youth Career Connect 2020  (29th July 2020)

“We are Taking Off” - Youth Career Connect 2020 - (15days)

Youth Career Connect 2020 was a global online event that was organized by Skillablers - Bangalore from July 29th – Aug 15th. The event titled “We are Taking Off” aimed at crafting careers skillfully. During these troubled times, it was a good opportunity to exhibit to the world its strength, importance, and relevance in the education sector of the country. The session had meaningful interactions with the youth in new normal scenario. 20 final year students from various departments participated in this program. 

This program paved way for the various stake holders of institutions to address the severe lack of employable youth in the current scenario.  YCC helped the students to understand multi-disciplinary view of various industries, reality check with youth aspirations and expectations