Interview Skills, Resume Writing, Aptitude & Reasoning  (21st September 2020)

Interview Skills, Resume Writing, Aptitude & Reasoning - 5 Days

IQAC & Placement Cell organised virtual emplaoyability training for 5 days ( 21st, 22nd, 28th, 29th & 30th September 2020) with an objective to enhance competences across the full range of employability skills and personal attributes by highlighting the importance of drafting a resume, cracking interview , Aptitude & Reasoning.  Mrs. T. Deepa Augustine, Head Department of B.Com CS & Placement In-Charge initiated the session with a welcome note and introduced Mr. E.L.Praveen Kirubagaran, Corporate and Soft skill Trainer. Mr. E.L Praveen Kirubagaran gave brief introduction about the training sessions and about E Square Training Consultants. The sessions were well organized and structured catering to the current needs of final year students during this pandemic. In the 5 days, the Trainer explained about the how to face interviews confidently, etiquettes to be followed while facing a group discussion and interview, drafting a resume. The Session proved to be interesting, informative and highly interactive. Ms. Shabana, handled the Aptitude & Reasoning session in a constructive manner. Aptitude questions and answers with explanation were taught for competitive examination and entrance test. The program concluded with a note of gratitude by Mrs. Angel Jenifa, Assistant Professor, Department of B.Sc Microbiology & Placement Cell Member.