Virtual Onam Celebration 2021  (19th August 2021)

Virtual Onam celebration for the year 2021 was arranged by the Fine Arts Club and broadcasted live on YouTube at 3 p.m. on 19th August 2021. The program has had the maximum authentic Keralite tradition by means of song, dance, pookolam and the classic traditional music of Kerala, Chenda Melam. Principal Dr. Initha Lebanon Ebency gave a special address to the students, explaining the cultural significance of Onam and the need to celebrate it. Mr. Vivyan of II BCA has given a speech with an elaborate focus on the mythical and historical background of the festival. He has enlightened the students with the details of food and customs which are exclusively followed on the day of Onam in Keralite tradition. The program has also showcased pookolam art done by teachers and students to the viewers. On the whole, the virtual celebration of Onam has led the students to know the exciting factors of the festival and has spread joy to the ones who have already been celebrating it.