Independence Day Celebration – Debate   (15th August 2021)

In occasion of 75 th Independance Day, A debate program was conducted on the title, ஊரடங்கு காலத்தில் நாம் பெற்றதை இழந்தோமா? இழந்ததைப் பெற்றோமா?. Dr. Santhanakrishnan, Head, Department of Tamil was the moderator for the event. Four students from different streams have taken part in it. The students were divided into two groups so as to represent two heads for each topic. They have touched upon various issues, which are related to the chosen topic, from mundane to the unnoticed passages of our everyday life. Students even have spoken on the positive changes in climate as an impact of the global lockdown. At the same time, they have addressed on the economic downfall which has affected very badly on the lives of common people. The moderator welcomed the students’ diverse point of view and has made the platform with ease that has enabled the students to speak their mind out.