Workshop  (16th May 2022)

Two day workshop on “ Smart Phone Servicing & Troubleshooting”(16th & 17th May 2022)

The Department of Corporate Secretaryship and IQAC in association with New Technology Mobile Service and Training Institute organised two days workshop on “Smart phone servicing & troubleshooting” .  The objective of the event is to enable the students to gain knowledge and practical experience in smart phone service and troubleshooting. During the workshop, Mr. B Krishnakumar, Managing Director, Mr. Karthick and Mr.Suresh – Senior Trainers of New Technology Mobile Service and Training Institute were present. The course was attended by 53 students from corporate secretaryship and accounting finance.

Day 1: Students were briefed on the significance of the session. The training session began with an introduction and evolution of mobile phones, followed by an explanation of all theoretical ideas via PPT and lecture.

Day 2: Students received hands-on instruction utilising old mobile phones and a maintenance kit.

Students eagerly participated in the programme and were thrilled to be able to maintain their own phones for free. By the end of the session, certificates had been distributed. Students obtained information about smart phone servicing as well as the courage to launch their own businesses.