Corp Synergize  (1st January 1970)


The Conquer club of Corporate Secretaryship organized an activity “Crop Synergize” for I, II & III year students to stage their hidden talents. Students actively participated in various events like Tattooed Mirage, Hum your Heart, Minstrelsy, Cuisine “Off Fire”, Fold It As You Fancy, and Jig Saw. A total of 77students participated in the events. There were 28 students in 14 teams who re participated in Cuisine “Off Fire”, 4 students participated in Hum your Heart, 5 students participated in Minstrelsy, 15 students participated in Tattooed Mirage, 5 students participated in Fold It As You Fancy, 20 students in 10 teams participated in Jig Saw. Mrs. Japhia Solomon-IQAC Coordinator & Vice Principal, Dr. S. Radha – Head Department of PG & Research, Dr. S. Uma Sarulatha – Head Department of Commerce, Mrs. T. Porselvi – Assistant Professor, B.Com AF, and Ms. Keerthana – Assistant Professor, Department of English were the Judges for the competitions held. Students volunteered themselves in exhibiting their talents and it paved the way to increase their level of confidence in them.