poster presentation Stock Exchange and Entrepreneurial Development  (1st November 2021)

The Department of Commerce organised Poster presentation  on Stock Exchange and Entrepreneurial Development, 01.11.2021, Students of Final year (G) actively participated in the class room activity. To bring out the creative mindset of the students in preparing posters related to the topic.To share and discuss the information in a pictorial representation&to make  learning more effective. Students prepared the posters and presented ennumber of information on the topic Stock exchange and Entrepreneurial Development.

  1. Santhosh of III- A
  2. Thendral of III-C
  3. Jayashree of III – B
  4. Arthi of III-B

Students were divided into groups and each group presented posters on the various topics like Bitcoin, crypto bull market, stock exchange functions, enchancement  of knowledge & skill development in entrepreneurship.This event promoted self  learning among students.In addition students were able to understand the overview of Stock exchange & importance of entrepreneurial Development.Through this event, students gained confidence, more knowledge through creative presentation. Students shared their willingness to participate in such similar events.