Professional Etiquette and Mannerisms  (5th October 2021)

IQAC in Association with the Department of Business Administration organise a seminar "Professional Etiquette and Mannerisms" on 05.10.2021 in the seminar hall. The objective of the event was to make students understand the professional mannerisms that prevail in the workplace.

The seminar began with an introduction by Sachidhanandham (II BBA), followed by Madhumitha's welcome address (II BBA). Dr. R. Kamaraj, the guest lecturer, explained the relevance and principles of professional etiquettes and mannerisms in the workplace to the pupils. All of the students' queries were answered by the speaker. Gayathri (II BBA) closed the seminar with a vote of thanks.

Participants learned various aspects of professional etiquettes and mannerisms.