Colloquy - From Blending to Bending: An Introspection into ‘Modernisation’ and ‘Westernisation  (16th April 2021)

The Department of English & IQAC organised a virtual colloquy on "From Blending to Bending: An Introspection into ‘Modernisation’ and ‘Westernisation’ . The objective of this colloquy was to bring out student’s views on a socio-cultural subject. Ms. Ayshwaria Grace was the chief speaker and moderator for the program. She begun the session with her insights on the title. Throughout the session she highlighted the thin-line of difference between modernization and westernization although the terms lead to sound similar. Six students from the department of English, Biochemistry, Microbiology and Accounting and Finance took part in the program. Each student was given a chance to share their critical research which the student has done on the chosen topic. Some of the points that the students highlighted on the light of modernization are, the massive growth in transportation, medicine, education and even politics. On the part of westernization, they spoke on the drastic impact on the emerging unhealthy non-traditional trends in food, dress and lifestyle of the people. However, students who represented westernization highlighted some of the unavoidable convincing practices although they detour us from following our tradition. At the end of the session, the chief guest clearly gave a small explanation on the two key terms from the observations she has made on the participants and her personal understanding.