Webinar - Data Science and its Applications  (25th July 2020)

The webinar on Data Science and its Applications began by welcoming the participants by the moderator Mrs.T,D.Srividya, Head, Department of Computer Applications. She gave an overview of the college, department and Chief Guest introduction.

The Guest Speaker, Mr.S.Karthik gave a gist about what is Data, Data Science, steps and application concepts.

A brief explanation was given about data and information and also various fields were data science is using in the current real-world environment, especially in Fraud and Risk Detection. He also shared about how data science is useful in cancer treatment, Driverless car, DigitalAds, and Taxi Booking. Finally, the numerous research perspective of data science was also discussed by the resource person.

Followed by the guest speech Questionnaire session was held. The speaker enthusiastically answered the questions asked by the participants posted in the live chat box during the session. The session was wrapped up with a vote of thanks by Mrs.S.Meenakshi,Head, Department of Computer Science.