Webinar on "Applications of Language Tools"   (27th May 2020)


The Department of English along with IQAC conducted their first online Webinar  on 27th May 2020 on the topic  "Applications of Language Tools" through zoom and therby streaming to Youtube live. Ms. Nisha Priyanthi, the Moderator, began the Webinar session with an introduction note about the college, the English Department and on the usage of language. She was followed by Mrs. Sajula, Head, Department of English who welcomed and gave a brief introduction of Mrs. Rebecca, the guest for
the day.
Mrs. Rebecca explained various Application tools that are used to learn English Language.  Through few Methodologies, she explained about the techniques and usage of communication skills through continuous practice. She pointed out the wrong assumption about the need of grammar in oral and in written
communication, and stressed that Descriptive English is essential for speaking English effectively with few examples of the importance of Para linguistics.
The speaker also suggested changing the pattern of teaching methodology from traditional one to task based learning which helps the students to reach the pinnacle of success. At the end of the session she gave few tips to develop vocabulary and communication skills through the language tools. The webinar was quite interesting in the questionnaire session. The speaker answered all the queries made by the viewers that were posted by them in the live chat. The Webinar concluded with vote of thanks proposed by Mrs. R. Dhanalakshmni, Asst. Prof., Department of English.