Managing Emotional Well – Being during COVID – 19 crisis

21st June 2021

IQAC & Department of Commerce of Annai Violet Arts and Science College organized a webinar on “Managing Emotional Well-Being” during COVID - 19 Crisis on 21st May 2021 at 3.00 pm through YouTube.

The guest speaker of the day was Ms. Komathiy Rajendran, Training and Education Facilitator Chennai.

The Session began with prayer song and welcome address proposed by Ms.S. Bhavani, Assistant Professor Dept. of Commerce, followed by the introduction of the Guest Speaker by Mrs. R. Meera, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Commerce.

The Guest Speaker explained the ways to maintain and develop one’s mindset in a positive way. She also elaborated on effective yet simple ways to handle our mental health and stress due to pandemic. In addition, she also shared few techniques for developing healthy eating habits with the support of her eye-catching colorful power point presentation. Besides, she also highlighted on the importance of self-motivation and gave few tips to connect with friends and relatives to lead a stress free and peaceful life.

The question session was handled by Mrs. R. Meera and the resource person answered all the questions clearly and patiently.

The Programme concluded with vote of thanks proposed by Dr. Shriram, Assistant Professor, Dept of Commerce. The webinar was very useful and highly informative. All the participants submitted feedback and received e-certificates.