Impact Lecture Session 2

12th October 2021

AVASC-IIC organize Impact Lecture Session 2 on 12/10/2021

Expert Talk 1 Title – The Paradigm of New Age Entrepreneurship

Expert Talk 2 Title – Legal & Ethical ways for Startup - Impact Lecture

The session titled “The Paradigm of New Age Entrepreneurship” began with the invocation by the college choir team. Moderator of the first session, Mr. Ajith of II B. Sc Computer Science called forth Ms. Sujitha of III B. Sc Computer Science to deliver the welcome address. Followed by it, Principal Dr. Initha Lebanon Ebency rendered a special address appreciating the College’s Innovation Cell for conducting successfully the second session in the IIC Impact Lecture Series. Mrs. Catherine Ida Shylu introduced the speaker to the virtual gathering and led way to the core part of the session. Dr. Rajachitra Manivannan, Assistant Professor, Department of Corporate Secretaryship, Dwaraka Doss Goverdhan Doss Vaishnav College began the session highlighting the way India was being the fastest growing Startup ecosystem at the world level. She continued to talk about the scenario of New Age Entrepreneurships and the success behind it. While speaking about the latter she quoted her personal experience being an entrepreneur in achieving the triumph. She shared some of the key factors of laying a successful entrepreneurial platform including versatility, risk taking, decision making and effective people skills. She mentioned the significant current approach of entrepreneurship as not just being the profit making podium but also the impact it creates on the society. She continued to mention the top 10 entrepreneurs in India. When talking about the important role of creativity in New Age Entrepreneurship, she quoted Pooja Kaul, who makes beauty products out of Donkey’s milk. She concluded the session with some of the mentions of New Age Business ideas. During the questionnaire session, students raised questions for which the speaker gave appropriate understandable answers. One of the questions was regarding on the major problems of entrepreneurship. To which the expert answered that sustaining would be the most challenging since there were a huge number of entrepreneurs budding every day. The session was over with the vote of thanks given by Mr. Madhan of III B. Sc Computer Science.

The second session was on “Legal and Ethical Ways for a Startup” presented by Dr. Padmaja Priyadharshini B N, Entrepreneur, Senior Statistician & Resource Person. Merlin J of II B Com General, moderator, called forth Mrs. Anjana, Assistant Professor, Department of  Accounting & Finance to render the welcome address. Followed by the welcome note, Mrs. Srividhya, Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce introduced the speaker of the session. The speaker began her initial address on MASLOW 2.0 pyramids which explain the immediate needs of humans that was explained psychologically. She proceeded to discuss on the structuring of start ups, various forms of entities, characteristics of different stages in startups like Bootstrapping to the students. She even had a quiz time during her presentation where she clarified the possible doubts that students might have by herself. She explained some of the important legal traits in laying out a business such as documentation that includes Offer Letters, Employment Agreements, Intellectual Property Assignment Agreement and many others. At the end of the session she addressed on the seven dangers of human virtue and 13 commandments that every entrepreneur must remember. The session was closed with the vote of thanks presented by Dr. Harini, Assistant Professor, Department of Biochemistry.